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Hello and welcome to Heartfelt Song, the one and only Jigglypuff (Purin) fanlisting approved by both and Jigglypuff became an immediate favourite after its debut in the Pokémon anime back in the 1990s because it is pink in colour and little girls like me (at that time) loved cute pink-coloured monsters. xD Jigglypuff’s wish was to find for an audience who would not fall asleep after listening to its performance but with the lulling nature of its songs, it rarely succeeds.

With the introduction of the Fairy type in Gen 6, Jigglypuff gained a secondary type and became one of my favourite Pokémon to use in battles. Words are not enough to convey my heartfelt thanks to dearest Emma for giving me a lifetime opportunity to run this fanlisting. So if you are a fan of Jigglypuff, feel free to pick a button and join the list of fans to show your love and support. To navigate around the fanlisting, please use the words to your right. :)

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song of jigglypuff

This is a song originally from Pokémon Karaokémon back in 2001, featuring Jigglypuff. For me, this song is the trademark song of Jigglypuff. I do not own the music nor did I make the video attached below. Nevertheless, feel free to click and listen to the song; lyrics are also provided in the description if you play the video in YouTube. :)